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Core Technical Advantages
Image processing registration system‍

In view of the problems encountered in irregular product fitting during touch screen manufacturing, a special matching system software and image processing system have been developed. The frame matching image processing technology has solved the technical problems in irregular product fitting and reached the international leading level.

Closed-loop motion control system‍

The movement control CARDS was received by the bus command and control pulse stepper motor or servo motor of large scale integrated circuit, the interface simple, programming is convenient, reliable working performance, which can be widely used in CNC machine, robot motion control, for the board by using chips with excellent location and track interpolation and speed control function, can be carried out four axis motion control, Any 2-4 axis linear interpolation and any two axis circular interpolation can be realized. There are 11 modes to realize the movement back to the origin, and the speed and target position can be changed in real time during the movement.

SIHS-Intelligent Instant Heating System‍

Independently developed SIHS -- intelligent instant heating (pulse heating) control system, pulse heating controller with PLC programming technology in the industry in a leading position and obtained a national patent (patent number: ZL201220745718.x).

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